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TitleUnbelievable Jenga
AuthorMizuki Tsujimura
Price1,650 yen + tax
First EditionAugust 25, 2022
IntroductionThree stories about fraud.
The Romance Fraud of 2020.
Yohta Kaga came to Tokyo from Yamagata to enter university, but on April 7, a state of emergency was declared. The entrance ceremony was postponed, and he could not start classes, circle activities, or even a part-time job. In addition, sales at his family’s teishoku-ya restaurant have dropped, and this month’s allowance will be cut in half. It was then that he received a call from a local friend, “Kaito. He offered to introduce me to a “simple part-time job that can be done by e-mail. Dazzled by the lucrative nature of the job, Yota begins to take it, but it turns out to be a part of a romance scam. Yohta is threatened to quickly make a “track record” and, although puzzled and impatient to catch a sucker, he begins to exchange intimate communications with a housewife named Mikiko. One day, he receives a message from Mikiko saying, “Help me, I’m going to be killed. ……
The Five-Year Exam Scam.”
The introduction was a scam, we were deceived” – “Takako Kazama” was astonished to hear a woman’s voice telling her so over the phone. Even though she was told it was a scam, she could not believe it for a second. Because “Taiki” had passed the school of his choice. It was when her second son, Daiki, was preparing for junior high school entrance examinations that Takako enrolled in Masako Juku, a school run by an educational consultant for parents of students preparing for entrance examinations. She was torn by the sight of her son struggling to improve his grades no matter how hard he tried, and although she was determined to trust her son, she took Masako’s sweet offer of a special introductory entrance exam for 1,000,000 yen without telling her husband. If it had been a scam, would her son have passed the entrance exam on his own? Confused, Takako received a call from Hiroe Kitano, a close friend of hers at Masako Juku. Did Takako-san receive that …… invitation from Masako-sensei back then?”
That person’s salon scam.”
The first was an informal exchange event between manga author Leo Tanizaki and his fans, but as he took questions from those who aspired to be creators like Tanizaki, before long, the main focus became a creative writing course. Participants eagerly jotted down the words of Spinning …… until he became Leo Tanizaki, he didn’t know he was the kind of person who could talk like this. The time at the offline meeting flew by with the elation of everyone who loved her work so much and listened intently to what she had to say. But the truth is, Spin is not Leo Tanizaki. He is a masked writer and pretends to be one to his family and to the participants of the creative writing salon. The actuality that the actual Taniazaki is actually a fraud is actually a very good thing, but for those who have been living the Taniazaki Leo with all of your body, the idea doesn’t feel right. The real Kawasaki was arrested. 噓つきジェンガ : 辻村 深月: 本 噓つきジェンガ : 辻村 深月: 本